Prairie Hill Evangelical Church, SENIOR HIGH YOUTH Co-DIRECTOR

To help Prairie Hill Evangelical Free Church (PHEFC) Senior high students develop, live, share and defend an authentic faith in the
face of a variety of challenges while they are with us and after they leave our care. This will involve building relationships and
challenging our students to internalize their faith and equip them to be prepared to give an answer to anyone who asks them to give a
reason for the hope that they have, but do this with gentleness and respect. (1 Peter 3:15)

• Have a personal commitment to Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord
• Demonstrate a relationship with Jesus through your behavior and testimony
• Agree to and support the PHEFC Statement of Faith and the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) Theological Definitions
and Positions
• Have experience in youth ministry leadership
• Demonstrate thorough knowledge of the Bible and be able to teach basic exegesis and hermeneutics
• Can connect with the PHEFC Senior High Vision, Mission and Strategies
• Have basic knowledge of or willingness to learn and teach apologetics and discuss other worldviews with students
• Have strong interpersonal skills along with a passion for connecting and communicating with youth and parents
• Can effectively partner with and work as a team with other PHEFC ministry staff
• Can connect with Generation “Z” students and be aware of their needs and cultural challenges

Senior Pastor and Elder Board

20 hours per week (average)

1. Christian Mentoring (sharing these responsibilities with the other Senior High Youth Co-Director)

• Teach and challenge students in the study of God’s word and prayer
• Introduce Jesus to students that do not know Him as their Savior and Lord
• Mentor and teach students to discern how to live a Christ centered life amongst the current culture
• Execute PHEFC Senior High Vision, Mission and Strategies
• Plan and facilitate youth programs
• Meet in small groups as well as one-on-one meetings with high school students
• Occasionally teach Junior or Senior High Sunday School
• Attend Sunday Morning Prairie Hill worship service
• Assist in strategic planning for PHEFC Youth Ministry
• Coordinate PHEFC senior high youth ministry activities with the other Senior High Youth Co-Director

2. Administration

• Plan and conduct special events and off-site retreats as needed
• Plan and coordinate youth conference trips and service opportunities
• Organize volunteers to support youth ministry activities
• Ensure PHEFC Child Protection policies and practices are followed
• Maintain a calendar of PHEFC Senior High youth programs/events on the PHEFC website
• Meet regularly with pastoral staff for mentoring and program development
• Attend monthly staff meetings