Prairie Hill Evangelical Church, Associate Pastor

To minister to the ‘Millennial Generation’, ages 18-35, both within the church and outreach to those outside the church (this includes engaged Christians, lapsed Christians, and unchurched).

• Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in theology or relevant field
• Seminary or graduate school preferred

• Prefer 2+ years of experience in church ministry or equivalent with specific experience in outreach, evangelism, mentoring and discipleship

• Personal and vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ
• In agreement with the Evangelical Free Church statement of faith
• A lifestyle based on biblical values that meets the biblical qualifications for spiritual leadership
• Strong passion and gifting for outreach
• Knowledge of Christian apologetics and willingness to learn

• Demonstrates strong interpersonal skills
• Proven ability to connect, engage and influence individuals of the millennial demographics
• Capability for recruiting, building, equipping, and sustaining and equipping volunteer leaders
• Fluent in current technology and social media

• Serve as a leader and developer of the overall strategy to help the church reach and evangelize the millennial generation
• Teach and disciple millennial believers currently in the church
• Organize and coordinate activities, events, and outreach to the community
• If gifted in preaching - preach on an occasional basis